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Chameleon is an open-source Windows software distributed free of charge under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License. Please read the license carefully before using the software.

It is important to note that Chameleon is distributed primarily for educational and academic purposes. Chameleon comes with absolutely no warranty.

Download Size Format Description
Chameleon 1.2 (Setup) 2.81 MB EXE Installation program for Chameleon created with Inno Setup.
Chameleon 1.2 (Source Code) 1.08 MB ZIP Compressed archive of complete Visual Basic project files.

The download packages listed above include the following third-party components required by Chameleon. These components are also open-source and distributed free of charge on the Internet.

Component Author Type Description
FreeImage Floris van den Berg C++ DLL Graphics library that supports loading and saving of images in several bitmap formats.
EzCryptoApi Antonio Ramirez Cobos ActiveX Control Cryptography control that uses the Microsoft Cryptographic Providers built-in with Windows.
ZlibTool Mark Nelson ActiveX Control File Compression control based on the open-source Zlib compression library.


Download Size Format Description
Chameleon Technical Paper 300 KB PDF Adobe Acrobat Document
Chameleon Technical Paper 227 KB DOC Microsoft Word Document